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Felt Panel Recycle

Acoustic & Environment

 100% Free of PVC

Why Pet Felt Icons-04.png

Superior Sound

Why Pet Felt Icons-07.png

Does not absorb
moisture, never
deteriorates over time.

Why Pet Felt Icons-10.png

100% recyclable
at the end of its
useful life

Why Pet Felt Icons-02.png

   low VOCs, Clean 
   Indoor Air Quality

Why Pet Felt Icons-05.png

Polyester is thermally
bonded, does not 
use formaldehyde

Why Pet Felt Icons-08.png

Does not turn moldy
or attract insects or

Why Pet Felt Icons-03.png

Contains 85%
recycled fibers,
contributing to the
clean environment.

Why Pet Felt Icons-06.png

Protection +

Why Pet Felt Icons-09.png

Panel comes in
  different colours
  and with an option
  to print images and 


Acoustic felts are made from materials with excellent sound-insulating properties. They are therefore ideal for restaurants, noisy offices or residences. It millions of fibers create frictional energy that dissipates sound energy and people should feel comfortable in all rooms. This highly innovative and versatile material can be used in many ways in our on concepts

Felt Panel Colors
Felt Panel Design


Implementing innovative computational design and fabrication methods, the project develops a customizable system aimed at providing high-performance acoustics for interiors and tailored according to their functional and spatial characteristics. The control of the acoustic conditions is achieved at two levels: a global level of the overall geometry for controlling early reflections and sound scattering, and on local material level through sandwich composites differentiation and surface treatment for tuning sound absorption.
A basic understanding of acoustic design principles and testing methods will give you the confidence to ensure the environmental goals of your project.


We start with a product that is 85% recycled fibers contributing to the clean environment. Most sustainable felt product on the market yet. Ensuring that every stage of the product’s lifetime creates minimal environmental impact. From design and production to use and recycling. Simple. Smart. Fun. Circular.

Felt panels in different colors
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